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The recent spate of shootings in the Fairfield area underlines the serious gun crime problem in our community.

Our local Police do a great job, but clearly they need more support from the state government.

There have been 200 shootings in NSW in two years, most of them here in Western Sydney. 

Clearly the NSW Liberal government’s cuts to local Police numbers need to be reversed. Southern Regional Command, which takes in Fairfield, has lost 28 officers.

This is why I will be doorknocking, collecting signatures and building pressure on the State Government as the next part of the campaign for safer streets

Unfortunately, the State Liberal MPs for the area have been struck dumb on this issue. They won't stand up to represent his community, I will.  

I will continue to work constructively with Mayor Carbone and Minister Clare to get CCTV delivered.

Our community needs someone who will deliver CCTV and more Police, not more cuts.

Click here to sign the petition and let’s make our streets safer again. 


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