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Posted October 31, 2013

By 2015 areas such as Greystanes, Fairfield and Fairfield Heights would have had the National Broadband Network installed and up and running, putting them on a level playing field with any other suburb in Australia.

That is no longer the case as the Abbott Government has rolled-back the NBN plans for the area, removing these suburbs from the 12 months and 3 year forecast which has left locals to battle on using out-dated copper wires. 

"This is an absolute disgrace" said local MP Chris Bowen. “Local residents, schools and businesses will suffer under the Abbott Government’s plans as our community won’t get what thousands of homes around Australia already have working for them.” 

"Our community deserves better than to have this much needed infrastructure ripped away from them at the last minute." 

This will cause untold problems for local businesses, who increasingly relying on faster internet speeds to stay competitive in providing services.

"If Mr Abbott really wants to be known as the Infrastructure Prime Minister as he claims, he needs to know that it's not just highways and roads. People need access to the kinds of technology that provides the benefits and opportunities that the NBN does." 

“Mr Abbott needs to continue the NBN roll out as planned for the residents of McMahon”

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