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Message to Assyrian Christian Community of the Electorate of McMahon

Posted August 04, 2014


Message to Assyrian Christian Community of the Electorate of McMahon



It gives me great pleasure to send my warmest greetings to the Assyrian community of the electorate of McMahon. Your outstanding local member Chris Bowen regularly updates me on the issues of concern to you and he was instrumental in facilitating a meeting I was able to attend with your community leaders earlier this year.

The Assyrian community of Australia has become a treasured part of our rich and diverse nation, making an outstanding contribution to all aspects of our society. The commitment to education and the values you uphold have made an incalculable contribution to the cohesion and advancement of our nation.

In the shadow of Assyrian Martyrs Day, however, I am aware of the deep anxiety and grief you are feeling in relation to the shocking events unfolding in Iraq. The depredations of the terrorist organisation now calling itself the “Islamic State” being inflicted upon the people of Northern Iraq, is horrifying the world on a daily basis. The atrocities being endured by the remaining Assyrian community, and the damage to its institutions, are totally unacceptable.

I have raised my deep concerns about the situation of the Assyrian community in Iraq with the Iraqi Ambassador and confirmed our complete support for Iraq’s efforts to repel IS. I have also raised with the Ambassador our interest in what further measures for regional autonomy in the Nineveh area are being discussed by the Iraqi Parliament.

Please rest assured you are not alone in your concern and in Chris Bowen you have an extremely committed and effective advocate in my team.

Bill Shorten

Leader of the Opposition

August 2014

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