Scott Morrison ignoring Treasury advice and championing the arguments and modelling of vested interests on Labor’s tax policies just looks desperate and weak.

Here we are less than a month before the Budget and Scott Morrison can’t be found to give comment or outline the Government’s plans on tax or the economy.

Scott Morrison’s modus operandi on tax is clear, he’s got nothing positive to say about the Turnbull Government’s tax or economic agenda and so spends all his time to discredit Labor’s tax policies.

Mr Morrison will selectively brief out discredited taxable income data and back in industry ‘modelling’, while seeking to squash positive Treasury analysis of Labor’s tax policies.

Australians deserve better than Scott Morrison launching opportunistic and ill-informed attacks on Labor policies while sitting on Treasury advice to the contrary.

It’s quite the spectacle to see Mr Morrison call modelling commissioned by the Housing Industry Association “independent” while attempting to hide Treasury advice on Labor’s housing affordability policies.

The modelling commissioned by the HIA is not independent modelling of Labor’s policy because it does not model the impacts of grandfathering and it does not model the proposed changes to negative gearing – key features of Labor’s housing policies.

Enough is enough when it comes to the silly game playing by Scott Morrison.

We know that Treasury has consulted stakeholders in past Budget stakeholders sessions over changes to dividend imputation.

And we saw on Labor’s housing affordability policies, Scott Morrison spent two years attacking them for ‘smashing the economy’ while sitting on Treasury advice saying exactly the opposite.