Scott Morrison and his out of touch Liberals have spent this morning stumbling over jobs figures and stuffing up their own scare campaign – proving once again that the Liberals’ division and dysfunction is the biggest risk to the economy.
Morrison has already bungled his 1.25 million jobs pledge, stating today when asked whether these jobs are full time or part time, “they will be full time”.
SABRA LANE: You're promising another 1.2 million jobs within five years, will most of these be part time or full time jobs?
SCOTT MORRISON: No, they will be full time and that's been our record over the last five years.
Morrison’s numbers just don’t stack up. He either doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, or he does and he’s deliberately misleading people. 
Of the jobs created in the economy over the last five years, only 55 per cent of those have been full-time jobs (676,000).
Morrison’s 1.25 million full-time jobs pledge would require employment growth to reach and remain at 3.25 per cent.
The most recent Budget update had employment growth forecast to be 1.75 per cent in 2018-19 and 2019-20, before dropping to 1.5 per cent for the following two years.
Morrison must release Treasury modelling today to support his new commitment.
Not only has Scott Morrison made a major gaffe on his jobs pledge today, but he was also forced to crab walk away from the claim pushed by Liberals and Christopher Pyne that a Labor Government “means a recession in Australia”. When asked about the reckless scare campaign of a recession, Mr Morrison responded: Well I didn't say that”.
Australians know the Liberals’ real plan for the economy – cuts to schools and hospitals and tax handouts to the banks and the multinationals.
Under Morrison and the Liberals, the economy isn't working for all Australians. Everything is going up except people’s wages.

A strong economy needs a stable government, not the damaging cuts and chaos we’ve seen from the Liberals for more than five years.
Labor has a plan to give all Australians a fair go – not just the top end of town.