A new report from the Australian Communications & Media Authority reveals 42 per cent of small and medium businesses have complained to the NBN or their retail provider about poor service during connection.
Other key findings include:

  • 40 per cent of small and medium businesses had NBN downtime, with nearly one in seven being left without internet or phone for over a month.
  • 72 per cent of businesses have also reported having further NBN faults with dropouts and slow speeds following initial connection.

These latest results are a clear indictment of a second-rate NBN that has been botched by this divided government.
The competitiveness of small business will continue to suffer under non-existent leadership which has been seen under Mitch Fifield and the Liberals.
While the Liberals have been fighting amongst themselves, Labor has been focused on consumers.
If elected, a Shorten Labor Government has announced it will establish an NBN Service Guarantee to safeguard small businesses from excessive downtime that result from faults and delays.
Labor’s policy will establish the right structural incentives to ensure NBNCo and retail providers are focused on delivering a better experience.
What is clear is that this dysfunctional government must get its house in order and start putting policies in place which are focused on consumers and not themselves.