New revelations surrounding the Sound Radiology scandal are unravelling as the South Australian Minister for Health and Wellbeing has declared he did not support the MRI Medicare licence awarded by Minister Hunt.
Today in Question Time, when asked of the Medicare MRI Licence awarded to a clinic owned and operated by the Vice President of the Liberal Party South Australia, Minister Wade confirmed he refused to support the application of the clinic.
When asked about the licence awarded to Sound Radiology, Minister Wade confirmed “They invited me to provide a letter of support to their application for an MRI licence; I declined.”
In April this year the Government granted a Medicare MRI licence to Sound Radiology in Parkside, Adelaide, overlooking 443 other applications.
This is despite Sound Radiology operating within five kilometres of nine other partially or fully Medicare-eligible MRI machines.
This begs to ask, why did the Federal Minister approve a licence that even his own Liberal counterpart in South Australia won’t support?
The Minister must come clean on this licence, because under his watch out of pocket health costs have never been higher, and waiting lists have never been longer.