Under the Liberals, the economy is not working for working people.
Scott Morrison and the Liberals say Australians have never been
better off.
But the economic indicators that matter to Australians are heading in
the wrong direction.
Everything is going up except wages.

Living standards have stagnated.

People are finding it harder to get ahead. Households are saving less and families are forced to dip further into their pockets to pay for the essentials.

Underemployment has hit record highs, with 1.8 million Australians looking for a job or for more work.

This is the true state of the economy under the Liberals.
And the Liberals’ cuts and chaos is making the economy worse instead of better.
The Liberals have spent six years cutting Medicare, hospitals and schools while trying to give a tax handout to multinationals and the banks.
They are divided, out of touch and only for the top end of town.
Labor has a different plan. Our Fair Go Action Plan fixes schools and hospitals, delivers bigger tax cuts for workers, and puts money back into the pockets of everyday Australians.
That’s good for the whole economy.
We’ll pay for our plan by making multinationals pay their fair share of tax, closing loopholes used by the top end of town, and not giving the big banks a tax cut.
Our plan will deliver a fair go for all Australians, not just the top end of town.
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