Yet again we have Treasury running a million miles from the Government’s jobs pledge that was trumpeted by the Prime Minister in late January.

A FOI response from Treasury shows that the Government’s 1.25 million jobs pledge had absolutely no Treasury modelling to support it.
It just shows the hypocrisy of this Government which is quick to get Treasury to model and cost Labor’s policies, but they could not be bothered getting their own policies modelled.  It’s lazy and reckless.
This comes as Treasury distancing itself from the jobs pledge at Senate Estimates recently, with officials confirming that the job target is completely at odds with the Government’s own budget figures.
When asked about the Government’s jobs target, the Deputy Secretary of Macroeconomic Group confirmed that the Government’s target would require annual jobs growth of 1.9%, which is higher than the 1½% or 1¾% assumed in current budget figures.
The Government should stop with its hollow and empty slogans and commitments and get on with governing the country.