Last night, in an act of gross incompetence the Turnbull Government teamed up with Senator Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to vote to support a bill which abolished all income tax rates from 2024.
This is just the latest act from a Government consumed by chaos and incompetence, which has outsourced all economic policy to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.
For years Pauline Hanson has advocated flat tax and last night the Government adopted this policy and set the rate at zero.
The Turnbull Government’s latest solution to bracket creep is to abolish every income tax bracket.
The Bill supported at the third reading stage in the Senate by the Government and One Nation would open up a Budget black hole of $240 billion every single year once implemented.
The Turnbull Government has gone from a $140 billion three stage income tax cut plan to a $240 billion a year income tax cut plan…no wonder the Turnbull Government or One Nation have no concern for gross debt remaining above half a trillion dollars.