Malcolm Turnbull needs to come clean with the Australian people on what the terms of the side deal, arrangement or ‘understanding’ are between the Turnbull Government and Pauline Hanson over One Nation’s support for the Government’s reckless and unfair income tax cuts legislation.
What does the Turnbull Government have to hide?
The only reason we saw the terms of the earlier Turnbull-Hanson deal that fell apart on company tax was because of a leak to The Australian.
That leak suggested significant policy and regulatory changes that would impact on the offshore resources sector – changes the Government is keeping the sector in the dark on.
The Turnbull Government’s modus operandi on deals with the crossbench is secrecy and obfuscation.
Malcolm Turnbull refused to answer Labor’s question on this latest One Nation deal in Question Time during the week.
Why the secrecy?
Mathias Cormann had a serious case of the wibble wobbles this morning on Sky’s AM Agenda refusing to confirm or deny what the terms of this deal might be.
When the Finance Minister can’t give you a ‘yes or no’ answer on a deal with One Nation, it’s as good as a confirmation.
The Liberal Party is clearly trying to put distance between the income tax cut vote and announcing what One Nation gets out of it.
Malcolm Turnbull and Mathias Cormann need to stop the linguistic gymnastics and fess up on their deal with One Nation.
The Australian people deserve to know and the electors of Braddon, Longman, Perth, Fremantle and Mayo all deserve to know.
HOST: So is that the only thing that she wanted was that apprenticeship deal?
CORMANN: They are getting something back for hard working families of Australia.
HOST: Was the apprenticeship deal the only thing that you gave her, the only thing you promised?
CORMANN: Well we have agreed to consider it. Like so -
HOST: Is that the only thing though, was there anything else?
CORMANN: But again it's - you know, we have an ongoing conversation with all crossbenchers, we've been engaging with Senator Hanson and her team ever since she's been elected to the Senate and indeed we are engaging with all crossbenchers ever since they've been -
HOST: So there are other things on the table? 
CORMANN: Well we are always prepared to engage and to discuss and to talk about things that would be sensible.
HOST: But this isn't fair- you're talking about, you say it's the public's money that's right - you're giving them money back. It's public policy, why shouldn't the negotiations or at least the deals be made public? 
CORMANN: Well, it is public. The Hanson - Senator Hanson and her team, Pauline Hanson's One Nation team decided to support our income tax package in full and everybody can see that. If we make decisions down the track, if we make decisions which involve the expenditure of public money we will be making those announcements and we will be accountable for it, of course. I mean we take responsibility, but we believe it's actually part of our job to engage with all Members and Senators who are prepared to engage with us.