01 September 2017

Dont let the Budget papers get in the way of a good story is the latest dictum being followed by the Treasurer.

Last night on 730, the Treasurer was asked:

MATT WORDSWORTH: Firstly, the amount of tax you have been taking as a percentage of GDP, it has risen since you took office, but in the Budget you said there would be a ceiling, 23.9 per cent of GDP, but the Budget papers said it does not represent a government policy or target. So does your speech today make it a government policy, make it a government promise?

TREASURER: It has always been a government commitment.

Ahh not so much.

Scott Morrisons own 2017-18 Budget papers they have his name on the front cover say this:

A tax-to-GDP cap assumption is adopted for technical purposes and does not represent a Government policy or target. [BP1 - 3-16]

The Treasurer now needs to come clean on when between Budget night and now the Cabinet considered and adopted this tax-to-GDP cap as policy, because according to the Treasurer, it was not a Government policy or target on Budget night in May.