Liberals horror 2014 budget lives on

08 February 2017

The Government continues to press ahead with measures from the 2014 Budget that will smash family budgets, at the same time as it wants to give away $50 billion in tax cuts to big business. Today the Government reintroduced legislation give rise to a swathe of cuts, including from the 2014 disastrous budget which cost Prime Minister Tony Abbot and Treasurer Joe Hockey their jobs. These unloved 2014 Budget measures will have damaging impacts on pensioners, families and young people around Australia. The measures include:

  • Scrapping the Pensioner Education Supplement
  • Scrapping the Education Entry Payment
  • Freezing indexation for working age allowances and student payments
  • Extend ordinary waiting period to all working age payments
  • Taking young unemployed people off Newstart and putting them on other lower payments. And if it gets its way, the Government will also make people wait five weeks before receiving any income support robbing them of a basic subsistence.

The Government continues its long standing attack on families at a time when they seemingly think the nation can afford to give a $50 billion tax cut for big business. At a time when inequality is on the rise, this is what the Liberal party now stands for taking money from family hip pockets while writing a $50 billion cheque to big business.