07 April 2020

Labor welcomes the theoreticalmodelling on the Coronavirus health emergency released today by the Australian Government, led by the Doherty Institute.

The Doherty Institute is a respected institute, and it is appropriate that the Government has commissioned them with this important task.

Labor has consistently said that the Government should be as transparent with modelling and data as possible to ensure they are building trust with the Australian people.

The more trust that the Government gives the Australian people, the more trust the Australian people will put into the Government.

More detail is critical to ensure that Australians do not become complacent.

We arent asking the Government to look into a crystal ball.

But we are asking them to release more detail.

Release more detail on Australian data.

Provide locally accurate data so that Australians understand the impacts of their actions on the spread of the virus.

And release more locally accurate data so that our health care system can be as prepared as possible for likely outcomes.

There is a wide range of academic modelling already available on the potential pathway for the COVID-19 virus in Australia. It would be appropriate that the full modelling underpinning the Governments decisions and projections to be released.

We ask the Government to release this modelling in as much detail as possible, as soon as possible