10 August 2017

Scott Morrison has today reminded us all of how incompetent and out of his depth he really is.

Mr Morrison is truly one of the great conviction politicians, he says what he means and he means what he saysunless its regarding the banks.

On Monday during Question Time, in response to a question from Bill Shorten calling for support for Labors Royal Commission into the financial sector in the wake of the latest Commonwealth Bank scandal, Mr Morrison said:

the government's response is prepared to consider all options, and that remains our view.

But then today in an interview on ABC Radio AM, the Treasurer was asked:

SABRA LANE: You said all options are on the table so a Royal Commission?

MORRISON: That's not an option the government has been considering.

Mr Morrison cant even keep a threat from Monday to Thursday.

How are the big banks or anyone else for that matter supposed to take Mr Morrison seriously when he says all options are on the table but doesnt really mean it?

The latest Commonwealth Bank scandal has provided more not less impetus for supporting Labors Royal Commission into the financial sector and all the Turnbull Government is left with is hollow rhetoric.

Thats hardly a recipe for the much needed consumer confidence in the banks and other financial institutions that we need to be building.