PMs economic plan for workers: $2 a day in 20 years time!

01 February 2017

Malcolm Turnbulls great big economic plan has been exposed for the laugh out loud farce that it is: $2 a day, in 20 years time.

Mr Turnbull claims in todays papers that a full time worker on average earnings will receive $750 a year flowing from his $50 billion company tax handout to big business.

This is the proposition being put forward by Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison: A $50 billion hand out for big business for a 1.1 per cent increase in wages growth in 20 years time.

If it ever actually happens. This sort of plan would be the stuff of comedy shows if the consequences werent so serious.

Malcolm Turnbull wants families to wait two decades for $2 a day in their pocket, while he smashes household budgets today through his cuts to Medicare, schools and family payments. Turnbulls company tax handout also puts Australias AAA credit rating at risk, which could smash family budgets by putting up mortgage payments by $720 a year from this year.

This is all at a time when the Government has also delivered a negative quarter of economic growth, 34,000 full-time jobs lost in 2016, stagnating living standards and record low wages growth. This is a desperate and deceptive Prime Minister who is clearly running out of time.

Its time to tell the truth Prime Minister. This is a Government with nothing more than a jobs and growth slogan and a $50 billion handout for big business.