27 July 2017

Its of course very flattering when Scott Morrison dedicates speeches and interviews to commenting on or making up Labor Party or Opposition policy, but its probably past time he focused on the economy and the Governments agenda.

Today in Adelaide we saw another speech from the Treasurer fixated on the Opposition he mentioned Bill Shorten six times and Labor ten times.

Its hardly becoming for a Treasurer - just 12 months after the last election and just after his post-election Budget to be reduced to giving speeches and interviews focused on Opposition policy.

If Scott Morrison just spent 30 per cent of his time focusing on his own job rather than Labor policy the nation would be better off.

If the Treasurer was doing his day job then we might not have seen him so horribly out of touch with the community when it comes to inequality and so horribly wrong with the fact that inequality is worsening.

Just yesterday, the RBA Governor Dr Lowe said that inequality: "grew quite a lot in the 1980s and the 1990s and it has risen a little bit just recently It has become more pronounced in the past few years because of the of the rise in assets prices and people that own those assets have seen their wealth go up".

A few days prior the Treasurer had claimed that inequality had actually gotten better.

And if the Treasurer was doing his day job then we might not have seen him caught out over his first home saver policy with the ATO warning savers about proceeding until the legislation has passed the Parliament.