14 August 2017

Another day and another major costings blunder from Scott Morrison who has put forward lies and fictitious numbers about Labors tax policies.

Scott Morrisons office gave independent modelling conducted by the Parliamentary Budget Office to NewsCorp journalists ahead of todays tabloid front page stories.

Not one number is correct, nor is it from the PBO, and Labor condemns the blatant politicisation of the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

The number one mistake in Scott Morrisons latest problem with numbers is failing to mention Labor cutting income taxes for low and middle income earners. In fact, combined with the extension of the Budget Repair Levy, the Budget is better off by $4.3 billion over the medium-term.

Scott Morrison is the faux Treasurer who:

  • Claimed Labor had a $60 billion black hole during the election campaign WRONG
  • Couldnt add up numbers in a table for the Omnibus Bill WRONG
  • Claimed the bank tax would raise over $6 billion - WRONG

Mr Morrison should focus on getting his own policies right and not making outrageous and erroneous claims about Labors tax policies.

Scott Morrison and his office told media outlets that it was releasing PBO modelling today.

The Australian and Herald Sun newspapers reported that: Independent Parliamentary Budget Office modelling, out today which is simply untrue.

Here we are barely a year into the parliamentary term and the Treasurer of Australia is reduced to making up stuff and pushing negativity instead of outlining a plan for jobs and increasing wages for low and middle income Australians.

Watching Scott Morrison trying to add up numbers is like watching an episode of Survivor or Lost. Its entertaining, but couldnt be further from reality.