07 September 2017

Here we are on 7 September and Scott Morrison is introducing legislation for a scheme that was meant to commence on 1 July this year and that was first announced in the May Budget.

Its symbolic of everything this Treasurer does on anything, but especially when it comes to housing affordability policy just hopeless.

Every week theres a new data release which shows the Australian housing market, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, slipping out of the reach of new home buyers and pushing current home owners further and further into the red.

Given the Treasurer has been spruiking this first home super saver policy on social media he should tell the Parliament in his first reading speech how many Australians have taken up the first home saver scheme since 1 July?

Mr Morrison has been spruiking this scheme despite there being no implementation or legislative information being available.

Even today when you go to the guidance on the ATO website it says: Legislation is currently being developed for this measure.

Mr Morrisons dodgy super scheme will do nothing to address housing affordability but will instead work to undermine Australias world class superannuation system and Labor will not support it.

Superannuation accounts are supposed to be locked boxes to generate retirement income, not the play things of the government of the day to give access to super savings for whatever priority they wish.

Federal Labor calls on the Senate to reject this dangerous legislation and to send a clear message to the Turnbull Government that its time to get real on housing affordability by reforming negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount.