03 October 2017

Last Thursday evening the Treasurer delivered a speech based largely on Treasury analysis which the Treasurer claimed made a series of observations on wages growth and inequality.

Curiously, five days on the Treasurer has yet to release this analysis.

This is not the first time the Treasurer has tried these sneaky games where he makes claims without producing the evidence. We saw this recently where the Treasurer made false claims about what the independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) had found on Federal Labors policies, only to have the PBO contradict those claims.

Journalists enquiring about this have been told the Treasury analysis will not be released.

What does the Treasurer have to hide?

Why is the Treasurer withholding this report from public and media scrutiny?

If the Treasurer wont release the Treasury analysis, people are entitled to conclude it doesnt exist.

If the Treasurer is going to continue on his inequality denial crusade then he should have the guts to release the reports he says support his claims.

The Treasurer should not be leaking key findings of a Treasury analysis without releasing the whole thing this risks politicising the Australian Treasury.